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Our organization, Bakersfield Jr. Drillers, consists of families from diverse backgrounds and all economic status. We serve children of all skill levels. We believe in teaching determination and boosting confidence and in doing so, the children succeed.

Raising money for a non-profit is difficult, but the Bakersfield Jr. Drillers team continues in our efforts because the children we serve deserve it. We understand you receive numerous donation requests and we appreciate you taking the time to consider our organization.

Profits will be utilized to support our local wrestling team. Donations help sponsor children in their participation, who would not otherwise be able to pay the fees associated with tournaments and uniforms.

We appreciate any level of support you are generous to contribute. Having the opportunity to give them an outlet for energy and a positive atmosphere. Community support is crucial for our service to continue.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a sponsor or would like to talk with one of our coaches please fill out the form below.

Becoming A Sponsor

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