About Us

The Bakersfield Jr. Drillers are a year round wrestling club that covers k-8th grades for both boys and girls folkstyle and freestyle wrestling.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, fun, and challenging wrestling experience to all participants. We strive to promote excellence in wrestling through hard work, competition, commitment and camaraderie found in wrestling. Our goal is to help guide our athletes to become the best wrestlers they can be and to help develop and prepare them for the challenges they will have after wrestling.


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Jr. Driller Wrestling

Bakersfield Jr. Drillers

We are dedicated to the advancement of youth wrestling from beginner to advanced both male and female

Trains 3-4 days per week and ensures our wrestlers have the skills needed to be successful on the mat

Emphasize good sportsmanship, respect, pride and hard work every day

Wrestling is like no other sport. It teaches you hard work, discipline, and humility. - Coach Varner


 Our Training Groups

We offer 4 training groups.

Beginner:  5-6 years old. Will practice 2 days per week for 6 weeks starting November 7th and extending through February.

Mission – To introduce younger kids to the sport in a fun filled environment.

Intermediate:  7-12 years old or 2 or more years of experience. Will practice 2 days per week starting November 6th.

Mission – To instill the basic techniques and rules of the sport on a daily basis and to teach teamwork and sportsmanship throughout practice and competition.

Advanced:  11 years and older with 3 or more years of experience. Will practice 3 days per week starting November 6th.

Mission – To build on the basic techniques and prepare each individual for high school and college wrestling